Greetings, Programs!

Tron: Legacy and Tron: The Original Classic on Blu Ray.

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Part one in a series of business intelligence insights from Tron: Legacy, now available on Blu Ray and DVD.

Greetings, Programs!

This week, both Tron: Legacy and the original 1982 Tron film (re-branded as Tron: The Original Classic) make their way to Blu-Ray. Tron: The Original Classic and the Commodore 64 were both released in 1982 and each was instrumental in focusing my career plans. So I was very excited when plans for a sequel were first announced, hoping I would not be disappointed after a 28-year wait (see related article, Tron: Legacy).

Last December, my 9-year-old daughter (also a huge Tron fan) and I headed to an IMAX theater on opening weekend and put on 3-D glasses faster than you can say “Reindeer Flotilla”. I would later see the movie again in Disney 3-D and standard 2-D. Despite my enthusiasm (plus the amazing special effects and Daft Punk soundtrack), the movie received a tepid reception from the critics. Which is a real pity, because Tron: Legacy, flaws aside, is a statement about humanity and our relationship with the technology that we create. The filmmakers have crafted a message. I believe that all technology professionals should view the film, enjoy it, and ponder its deeper meaning.

This week, I’ll be sharing my observations from the film. So even if you’re not as fanatical as The Tron Guy, check out the DVD, pop some popcorn, and enjoy.


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