SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1.7 for iOS

Is this the last release of the Explorer mobile app?

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1.7 for iOS is now in the iTunes store.  It’s a minor bug fixing release arriving quickly on the heels of last December’s SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1.5 for iOS release that introduced iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support. The release notes in the iTunes App Store indicate the following three changes:

  • Resolution of issues that occurred when updating from version 4.0.7 directly to 4.1.5
  • Technical improvements
  • Performance improvements on iPad

For a list of detailed changes in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1.7 for iOS, download the latest What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone/iPad User Guide from the SAP Help Portal. (NOTE: When I wrote this post, the SAP Help Portal still had the older 4.1.5 edition of the What’s New guide).

This release of Explorer for iOS may be the last.  Ty Miller, Senior Director for Solution Management at SAP, confirmed yesterday during an ASUG BI 4.1 Roadmap webcast that Explorer will soon become integrated into the Mobile BI app. Android users should also expect Explorer functionality to be added to their existing app rather than looking for a separate app.

Having a single mobile app will be great for users. I only hope that SAP will also combine the two web applications, folding MOBIServer functionality into MobileBIService. Having a single mobile app on the web application server will make life great for BI platform administrators as well.

This is my 300th blog article.  Thank you to all of my readers!

Author: Dallas Marks

I am a business intelligence architect, author, and trainer. I help organizations harness the power of analytics, primarily with SAP BusinessObjects products. An active blogger, SAP Mentor and co-author of the SAP Press book SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide, I prefer piano keyboards over computer keyboards when not blogging or tweeting about business intelligence.

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