Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 now available?

SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1is here. Maybe.

It appears that SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 has been quietly released. Yes? No? Maybe? Where’s the fanfare? The official press release? And my free T-shirt and bumper sticker?

I was able to download the ISO image from the old Business Objects ESD site, although it appears to also be available from the SAP Support Portal. I assume that the ESD site will be sunsetted after the bitter taste of last July’s support migration disappears, although I find it easier to navigate than SAP’s alternative. The documentation for XI 3.1 is available from the SAP Help Portal.

I’ll try to build a virtual machine over the next few days and report my findings. It’s been a bit hectic between my executive dashboard project and upcoming user conference presentation in Dallas, Texas. Assuming that the build is error-free, a reasonable concern given Business Objects’ track record, my client will also be installing XI 3.1 on a test server.

According to this BusinessObjects Board (BOB) thread, it doesn’t seem like anyone has performed a successful install yet. Have you installed XI 3.1? Your results to this blog post are welcome.

Author: Dallas Marks

I am a business intelligence architect, author, and trainer. I help organizations harness the power of analytics, primarily with SAP BusinessObjects products. An active blogger, SAP Mentor and co-author of the SAP Press book SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide, I prefer piano keyboards over computer keyboards when not blogging or tweeting about business intelligence.

8 thoughts on “Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 now available?”

  1. I guess the Conference will have lots of XI 3.1 fanfare. The comments so far smack of a typical new BO release!

  2. I’m about to install it. Will advise progress in my blog (if the install files aren’t corrupt! :P)

    – Josh

  3. I downloaded the files on Monday, but when trying to extract them they all seem to be corrupted. I’ll most likely give it a go again over the weekend.

  4. I finally worked around all of the load issues and got 3.1 installed on a test server about a week ago.
    The fact that WEBI creates major problems in a 3.1 / 3.0 mixed client environment is an additional pain.

    The .NET feature looks rushed by its lack of functionality. If you are in a BOXI 3.0 JAVA development, this release will be an easy transition. I still have a lot of testing to do on the Oracle integration piece.

  5. Jus tfinished installing it but damn I cant seem to open my universes now from the server im using…hmmm i wonder why?? then i get errors like – Error: Unable to open a socket to talk to CMS LMGZKD3:6410 (FWM 01005) null
    hmmm could it be just me???

    And why does it say – [repo_proxy 13] SessionFacade::openSessionLogon with user info has failed(Access denied. You cannot log on to an older version of the CMS.(hr=#0x80070005)

    soooooo let the queries begin hahaha…..

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