The Possibilities of Text Analytics

A couple of years ago, I pointed a text analytic “toy” called Wordle at my blog to see what I talked about the most.  I decided to see what has changed in two years, so here is the new result from my blog:

It seems that I spend a lot of time applying service packs and fix packs?  Inspired, I decided to put the Everything Xcelsius blog to the test.  Does it really talk about, well, everything Xcelsius?

Sure enough, it really DOES talk about everything Xcelsius.  Xcelsius is clearly the most widely used word.  And I’m sure that everyone over at Everything Xcelsius is super pumped about the upcoming name change to SAP Dashboards…  But I digress…

What about SAP Mentor Dave Rathbun over at  Does he blog incessantly about his chocolate chip cookies (which are really darn good, by the way)?  Or the virtues of Pepsi over Coke?

And lastly, what has everyone’s favorite dashboard and visualization curmudgeon, Stephen Few, been talking about?

If Wordle can visualize a blogger’s thoughts, consider what SAP Text Analysis can do with your customer’s thoughts that you accumulate through web sites, e-mail and social networks.

Author: Dallas Marks

I am a business intelligence architect, author, and trainer. I help organizations harness the power of analytics, primarily with SAP BusinessObjects products. An active blogger, SAP Mentor and co-author of the SAP Press book SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide, I prefer piano keyboards over computer keyboards when not blogging or tweeting about business intelligence.

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